3..2..1..THIS IS IT! It’s a joy to officially announce the launch of Ashley McComb Productions and my NEW WEBSITE: ashleymccomb.com! Maybe a website isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but for me and for why I’m doing this…it’s a big deal. Many of you know that in addition to my full time job as a Video Producer, I have been serving others through video and photography for many years, (formerly under 4AM Productions). Until now, I have never formally put myself out there in a way like this. The truth of it is that this is not just a website launch for me - this is actually the start of something much, much bigger than I can possibly express.

Trust me, if you thought this countdown was suspenseful, wait until you hear how God has been moving in my life. For some time now, He has been leading a dear friend and me through a transformational, freedom-soaked journey (that was soaked in tears as much as it was freedom). Day by day, page by page, confirmation by confirmation, story by story, He has been calling us—and we are eagerly listening. With much, much prayer, this website is a step toward that call. And while every part of me is uncertain, every bit of me shaking inside, every ounce of my (recovering) perfectionism having a tizzy knowing the website is imperfect, I am choosing to be lionhearted…because this is not about me, and it isn’t for me either. This is for His glory. So here I am, open handed in surrender.

This isn’t a business venture to me. This is a mission. I will be offering services, yes, but each one comes with the purpose of helping others in need (you can find details on the website). ;-)

And all of this…all of it…is leading to something much, much bigger. THAT is the true countdown and I am anticipating it as much as you are.

There is so much I want to share with you - like how I struggled with calling the website by my name, a stranger who messaged me a life-giving encouragement, the amazing group of creatives who gave me the push I needed to finally do this (because Lord knows this has been a LONG time coming and I would have found every excuse to avoid it), and of course, every beautified detail of what God is doing in what I mentioned above. I want to tell you about a man in a wheelchair, three sunflowers in a coffee nook, stained glass, everything green, and a chair.

And I will. In God’s timing. This story will unfold.

So dear friends, I want to extend an invitation to you. Will you join me in this story? Will you pray with and for me—and for those who join along the way? Will you pray over this website and Ashley McComb Productions - that God will shape it exactly as it needs to be for Him? Will you pray over your own story and surrender? I don’t have all of the pieces yet. In fact, I expect a lot of things to change. That’s why I need a strong community of support and prayers around me. I am diving in, and like an arrow, all I can do is lift these prayers up to Him. And oh how the Lord bends down to listen...

To God be the glory. Lord, where my words fail, help me write with light.

welcome to the official launch of

March 1, 2019