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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, the One who saved me. I'm very open about my faith because it changed my life for the better - and I think that's worth sharing!



Matt and I married in 2014. He is the introvert to my extrovert and was introduced to me by a mutual friend as "the man of my dreams." He is the most humble, creative person I know, and he is my greatest helper in my business! 


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Ya’ll, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth...and cookie dough is at the top of the list when filling my need for sweets! For real, I’m in a very committed relationship with cookie dough.


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The dream = travel the world, tell stories, and help people know they are seen, known and loved. India is the last place I left a piece of my heart, and I'm ready for my next adventure!



Stories are what connect us. I believe listening to someone's story, all the way to the bottom, and choosing to love them as they are, is one of the greatest gifts of compassion and empathy you can give someone. 



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I would love to get to know you and see how I can help tell your story in a visual way.


When it comes to making an investment in the priceless moments of your life, you should know up front that I view crafting photos & films not as a business, but as a mission opportunity. My passion is to craft joyful and personalized stories that reflect the celebration of your life in a timeless way that gives back.

You matter and your life is a gift.
Proceeds from your investment go towards the production of freedom stories and local/global mission efforts. Therefore, when you allow me to capture your story, you help to tell the one of someone else in need!

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It was 4am when I ventured off to the first feature film I ever worked on. I stepped out of my car into a buzzing world of actors, crew members and cameras - many parts working together for one common goal: make a film, tell a story. A joy bubbled up in me that I couldn’t explain…and it was then I heard the loudest whisper in my ear: this is it. This is what you’re made to do. 

Up until that point, I spent my whole life dreaming of becoming an author. I loved to write, but somewhere between high school and college that passion dimmed. The world of filmmaking rekindled my love for storytelling and led me to learn how to use a camera for both video and photography…but that was hardly the start of my journey and what has brought me to where I am now.

Over the course of the next few years that were drenched in struggle and pain, God brought two things into my life that changed me forever: my husband, Matt, and a job as a Video Producer for a church. While that job is no more, it was then that the next page turned. The whisper became more clear: You are going to tell stories, but you are going to do it in a way you never imagined…and you are going to do it for Me. 

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And from there, oh sweet friend, from there God has done something beyond what I’ll ever be able to comprehend. It’s a story much better told in person than on a screen…and someday, I hope I get to sit with you to share what He has done…and what He is continuing to do. He is still writing my story…and through His enablement, now I write with light.

While I certainly don't have everything together, I know He has given me a job to do. My heart is to produce joyfully crafted photos and films that lift up others, preserve memories, celebrate life, point to Christ, and bring freedom to those who need to know they are heard, known and loved. I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to the possibility of crafting a story together.

With much joy,

Ashley E. McComb

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